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Post  TheArchivist Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:49 pm

The Earth is currently governed covertly by an oligarchy which has kept its existence secret by exercising its power through multiple intermediaries and by curating public perception against belief in its existence. Only very recently, since and due to the creation of instantaneous global communication (the Internet), has a significant percentage of the population become aware of this situation, which currently sits exposed as an open secret that many still cannot accept. The oligarchs’ power is the result of an ongoing process of refining techniques of covert influence and developing channels for their implementation that took coherent form in the late 1700s, although its roots can be traced back, as can the oligarchs’ bloodlines, to ancient Sumer and the beginning of known civilization.

The oligarchs are clannish autocrats addicted to power and obsessed with eugenics, pedophilia, and the occult. They believe they are of such finer genetic stock than the rest of the population as to constitute a separate and higher species. Upon that basis, they believe that they have an intrinsic right to rule the remainder of humanity and to abuse them with impunity.

Through fraudulent banking practices and economic concepts foisted upon an uncritical public, they have gradually acquired ownership and control of all the Earth’s resources and nearly all of their fellow humans’ property. This vast wealth funds the established institutions upon which modern society depends, ensuring that the oligarchs’ interests are well-represented but not publicized.

Human institutions are generally organized as hierarchical pyramids; through these structures the oligarchs’ network of subversive influence extends, forming an overarching hierarchy which directs and coordinates all planetary affairs. The compartmentalization typical of hierarchies allows the oligarchy to employ massive numbers of individuals and organizations without these agents having any awareness of what purposes they ultimately serve, or even that their apparently disparate efforts are in fact contributing to common purposes.

In addition to utilizing existing social institutions, the oligarchs and their closest subordinates have formed many organizations, both public and private, to facilitate the operations of their global network. These include round table groups, secret societies, fraternal organizations, think tanks, advisory panels, and charitable foundations. Chief among these institutions is the United Nations, which serves as the public face of global governance and whitewashes the removal of national and individual sovereignty such governance requires.

The oligarchic families have always constituted the highest class of any society, and have always understood that, because the few cannot control the many physically, they must control their subject populations psychologically. Techniques of mass control were known even to ancient civilizations, and have successfully been employed by the ruling dynasties of the times; but the systematic studies of human behavior that began in the late 1800s -- the sciences of psychology and sociology -- have greatly expanded and refined those techniques. The advent of broadcast media -- radio, and even moreso television -- exponentially increased the potential for mass influence, of which the oligarchs immediately took full advantage. By the mid-20th century, they had managed to transform the infrastructure of modern society into a lifelong program of indoctrination and exploitation that almost no one could perceive because it had become the baseline norm.

(in progress/to be continued)

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