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Post  TheArchivist Mon Jul 25, 2011 9:44 am

Web Search:

Ixquick - the world's most private search engine
StartPage - Ixquick's U.S. version

Open Directory Project - website directory

General References:

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Dictionary . com

Thesaurus . com

Online Etymology Dictionary

Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia

Internet FAQ Archives

The Quotations Page

Dewey Services - the Dewey Decimal System of cataloguing and metadata

WoldCat - the world's largest library catalogue

Math is Fun! - despite the cutesey graphics on the home page, this site's information -- and presentation of it -- is excellent. Especially for those like myself that never took naturally to math. Their navigation could use a tiny bit of improvement, so I'm providing links to basic subject indexes that you may find useful:

Internet Movie Database

Urban Legends Reference Pages

Copyright Alternative:

Creative Commons - a number of licenses under which you can release your creative and intellectual work, allowing for more flexibility than standard copyright


Bit Calculator

What Is My Screen Resolution?

What Is My IP Address?


Internet Meme Database

Science and Technology:

The Register - "sci/tech news for the world"

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