The Fallacy of Organized Religions.

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The Fallacy of Organized Religions.

Post  RBKTitan on Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:25 pm

While spirituality is a part of the pyramid I learned about in college as far as needs of every human being, I must say that organized religion is the biggest disservice to true spirituality there ever was.

There are many similarities amongst differnt religions, deities born on the 25th of December, and most of them all teach the same things. Be good to each other. Dont steal, dont covet. However, the minor differences are what sets them worlds apart.

To illustrate a bastardization of history, I will take Jesus Christ and the uncanny similarities to the ancient Egyptian God, Amun Ra.

Christianity appears to, in fact, be an Egyptian myth. Amun Ra, who predated Jesus's existence by over 3,000 years, had no record of existence before he was 30 and became baptized, his mothers name was Meri, his father's name was Josep, He was crucified and killed by a king named Herut, had 12 followers... you get the idea.

How this happens is easy to understand. All religions are in fact teaching the same teachings of the same "God." Some are more remedial, some more evolved. The one thing they all seem to have in common, is the need to be the "right" one, as most are somewhat intolerant (at best) of other religions.

As a psychic and a channeler, I can tell you that when different individuals channel the same frequency (Entity/Spirit/God,) they will have distinctly different tones. While there are commonalities, there are also distinct differences.

Why is there a difference, if they are all the same? Because we, humans, are not!

Spirit through humans is like a ray of light shone through a crystal and fragmented throughout all colors of the resulting prism spectrum. Channeled beings while in themselves are consistent and "pure," are "filtered" through the channels bias, experience, and belief system, tainting them in the process.

These teachings, The Bible, for example, are a reflection of the mentality and state of awareness of the region at that time period. There is nothing wrong with reading the bible or any other religious text, as Spirit teaches us much through parables, much we teach our children through stories, as well.

The reason these teachings become so embraced in the regions and so widely amongst the people is largely cultural. What biased on individual largely biased others, as they were living in the same time and same conditions, which varied (along with enlightened awareness) from region or continent to another.

In closing, believe whatever works for you, and know no true god wants to be worshiped. The want to be followed, though their teachings. If you took a part of all religions you would not be far from the truth - and to throw another wrench into this - we are our greatest source of power. Look within, not without. Learn from others, but dont feel one is any more or less right than another. There are seven billion people on this planet and seven billion paths to the same end result.


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