Currncy ='s Slavery

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Currncy ='s Slavery

Post  JoyGarner on Sun Apr 24, 2016 9:42 pm


Money - Something having intrinsic value, on it's own. Within this concept, one would logically include anything of use to anyone, for which another would be willing to trade something of value. It is for convenience that man first began to coin precious metals as a means of trade. This was because those metals had a use and value of their own standing. Gold does not wither. It can plate other metals and protect them. It can be mixed with harder metals and make them more resistance to oxidation. Other mined metals have various qualities, uses, and values, largely determined by their availability and usages. But this form of money, however convenient, was also corruptible. The infamous Nero ruined his Kingdom by watering the coinage down with cheap metals, and so it became worthless as a means of trade. But still, money is money, UNTIL it is debased, i.e., counterfeited in secret by those wielding the pretense of "authority" to carry it out.

Currency - People have wholly confused money and currency, and this was no accident. In the name of convenience, we are now the precipice of a cashless society, controlled by numbers in a computer, with literally no means of observing how many digits are added to, or removed from, the total, or to whom those digits are authorized, or for what purpose. This is the one thing I am most concerned about at this time, because this is what makes all of the other evils we now face, possible. I do not believe that NO evils would be possible without this cabal in place. However, I do know that those evils would be in a more local domain, and therefore easier to correct, if not for this banking cabal's powers, as are found in their central banking systems.

Anyone care to add to this?


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Re: Currncy ='s Slavery

Post  Seven on Tue Apr 26, 2016 8:28 am

I can see I'm going to have to add a sub-forum for original editorials for you! Thumbs up

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